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Do more than a meeting. Do a world of good.

Sustainability. You know it's the right thing to do. But now it's also the smart thing to do. gives you the ability to hold a web conference with audio at one low flat rate. Plus there are no contracts or commitments and unlimited usage. Take cars, planes and hotels out of the equation. Save time. Save money. Hold a great meeting. That's good for the planet. And good for business.

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It doesn't get any simpler than this. One flat rate for web conferencing with no extra charge for audio. It's like a live presentation without disrupting anyone's life or the environment. Just log in on any computer (we're platform neutral), get on the phone, and get down to business.


Participants access audio conferencing through a standard toll number.
To offer a toll-free call-in number, see our Features+Upgrades page. (click here)

  • Sign up and conference anytime, from anywhere
  • Low flat-rate pricing
  • Easily share presentations online
  • Platform neutral (PC/MAC/Linux)
  • No special administration rights required
  • Multiple hosts allowed
  • Unlimited conferencing minutes
  • No reservations required
  • No software required—Just a phone and a computer
  • Easy step-by-step instructions

Toll Free Call-in Number—Let your participants call in on a Toll-Free '800' number at 5 cents per minute per caller. Call 800.362.9446 for details.

Transcription Services—Get it in writing! We’ll send you a proofread, near verbatim word document for $3.20 per audio minute. If you’d like to proof and make your own changes, our Rough Draft service is $2.50 per audio minute. Turnaround time specific to your needs.

Audio Recording—Save it forever. We’ll send you a complete recording of your meeting on CD for training, legal matters, or just to share with those who couldn’t attend: $15 per recorded CD. Recordings mailed next business day.

More than 25 Participants—For larger conferences, simply call 800.362.9446. We’ll get you set up and give you an affordable flat rate.


When you travel to a meeting, or have a meeting come to you, damage is done to the environment in the form of carbon emission. Fill out the form below to determine your meeting’s carbon footprint, and how much you’ll help the earth by using Think Green Meeting.

How many cars are coming to meeting?

How many planes are coming to meeting?


Your meeting will emit XXX tons of carbon into the environment. It will take XX trees absorbing 50 lbs of carbon dioxide annually over 40 years to offset the CO2 emission.

Click here to see more facts on travel pollution.

One environment. One simple way to care for it.

ThinkGreenMeeting is proud to announce a partnership with the good people at EarthShare to protect our natural resources and help green business. Founded in 1988, EarthShare's mission is to get individuals and organizations involved in supporting a healthy and sustainable environment, primarily through charitable giving. The EarthShare Difference: supporters don't need to choose between protecting public health or our air, water, land or wildlife because just one gift can support them all.

Host a conference in the next 30 days and we will double our contribution to EarthShare! ($2 for a 3-seat, $4 for a 10-seat and $6 for a 25-seat, paid accounts only) So you're not just sharing important business information, you're doing your share to make the world a healthier place to live. Learn more at



  How Our Conference Call Service Works:

Guest Entry:
STEP 1. Each guest calls assigned dial-in number
STEP 2. Enter GUEST Conference Room Number
STEP 3. Record name followed by pound (#) key
If guests arrive before the host, they will be placed in a waiting room with music on hold, until the host arrives. All guests who arrive after the host will automatically join the call and an entry tone will play to the conference.

Host Entry: (Start Conference)
STEP 1. Host calls assigned dial-in number
STEP 2. Enter HOST Conference Room number
STEP 3. Record name followed by pound (#) key
Once the host arrives the call will automatically begin.

Self Mute/unmute is managed by pressing pound (#)

How Our Web Conferencing Service Works:

STEP 1. Load your presentations into the system
STEP 2. Invite your meeting guests.
STEP 3. Start Presentation Sharing!
  Will Web Conferencing work with Mac and Linux Users?
* Yes. Our platform-independent, premiere web conferencing works, with PC, Mac, Linux and other platforms so people with different machines can all conference together.

Does web conferencing require any configuration changes to the firewall, or any ActiveX, Java or special Web Conferencing software installation?
* No. Our software works with any web-browser and requires no special software or configuration.

How many people can participate in a conference at a time?
* Your package details represent the maximum number of participants allowed. Multiple hosts allowed

How do we start a conference?
* Simply dial in and enter your Host code. Guests dial in and enter guest code. Multiple hosts allowed

How do I reserve a time for a conference?
* With ThinkGreenMeeting you just give your participants the time, dial in number, web address (if web conferencing) and guest room info and you are set! Completely reservationless, conference anytime you like!

How do I get billed?
* The credit card you submit at time of sign up is charged at the beginning of each month for the package you chose. Any Toll Free usage from the previous month is added in detail to your invoice. Receipt is sent to your email.

What is the difference between Toll Access and Toll Free Conferencing?
* Toll Access conferencing refers to the local (Chicago land area) number provided you at time of sign up and is unlimited usage up to the number of seats (persons) provided in your package. Charges from caller’s phone provider may apply.
* Toll Free conferencing refers to the 8XX number provided at time of sign up. Rates start at $0.05 per minute per user and are billed at next month’s invoicing. No charges from caller’s phone provider are incurred (cell phones providers may charge for 8xx calls).

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